The Cell Editor of Spore has limited parts; only 12, compared with the 228 parts of the Creature Editor; therefore, cells will usually look very much alike each other, besides color. All parts in the Hidden Cell Editor have identical functions to these.

Cell Editor PartsEdit


Jaw: Basic meat-eater; two serrated pincers that snap open and closed. Cost: 15 DNA points. Class: Carnivore/Aggressive.

Filtermouth: Basic mouth, eats algae bits; 3 tentacle-like structures that move from side to side. Cost: 15 DNA points. Class: Herbivore/Gentle

Proboscis: Parasitic mouth; a tube-like structure that sucks up stuff. Best when paired with a Jaw, then you can suck out juices and then eat the corpse. Cost: 25 DNA points. Class: Omnivore/Adaptable


Spike: It is what the name says it is, a spike that damages other cells that touch it. Cost: 10 DNA points.

Poison: A bulb-like structure that spits out poison behind you as you move. Makes you immune to others' poison. Great for getting away from cells larger than yours; it makes them cough. Cost: 15 DNA points.

Electric: A structure that stores electricity inside; once charged, you will zap other cells that get too close. Good when you're outnumbered. Makes you immune to others' electricity. Cost: 25 DNA points.


Flagella: Allows your cell to move. (Level 0 Speed can technically move, albeit very slowly) Cost: 15 DNA points.

Cilia: Allows your cell to move and turn faster. Cost: 15 DNA points.

Jet: A structure that makes you jet forward every second or so. Gives 2 speed for every jet placed. Cost: 25 DNA points.


Beady Eye, Stalk Eye, Long Eye, and Button Eye

All three of them give your cell the ability to see; all three cost 5 DNA points. The Long Eye is available only in the Hidden Cell Editor.