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Darth Drake


The Croco empire are the most expanded and inteligent spicies.They have heavy armoured tanks,planes(or choppters) and battleships.They scout out enemy planets before bombarding them with anti-matter.The enemy where the ancient dark croco empire ruled by the emperor crocus,they were ruling from 2000.y.b.s. to 190.y.b.s.The croco have made the injection of life,that make you immune to death of old age,the dark emperor modified a drake from the drake empire,inflicting him pain and enhanced parts,turning him into a devoted evil servant.The dark emperor and darth drake,got the injection of life,witch made the spodelings unite(spore jedi class thingies) with the croco,purging and killing the emperor,the devoted escaped unfortunently.He led an attack at 1.y.b.s. and destroyed the spode temple and archive,making it the 0 year,or the grand spodeling purge.The 1st .y.a.s. came,the croco have departed into groups of warriors(reds)traders)pink and yellow)... The main hero of the croco empire is Crocix,he has got the injection of life,when he became omnipotent,he was born in 1200.y.a.s.

Croco (6)


Croco Cruiser

reconstruction of the lost cruiser


The Croco empire is most advanced in the galaxy,and they can stand up against the grox,becouse the outer rim is theirs,they are a threat to the grox,so the grox are a threat to croco too.They have Land riders(land),Blackbirds(air)and Battleships(ground),their spaceship is named from their race,becouse that is the graitest leap,they named it Croco Cruiser
Land rider

Land rider

,their second leap was,intergalactic travel,staff of life,research of staff of life-the new genesis device.The Croco colonies have a special line giving them maximum happiness,defence,and spice production +60 spice per hour and 75 colonists,also they have all the upgrades(bio stabilazer,bio protector.....)they will one day conquer the galaxy when they destroy the grox.
Croco (6)



The Croco are peaceful as a race,but aggressive when attacked,they have anti-matter weaponry,and a planet cannon at their main colony at a star.


The Croco homeworld is called Crocinia,and it is at the starsystem Crocon.They have all planets t3,every colony must have t3 they say,so as the specifics i told you,the planets without spice are terraformed with the genesis device and turned t3 and then turned into a wildlife sancutary,just like that planet at their homeworld.


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