The Hidden cell editor. Cool huh?

The hidden cell editor is a cell editor that is... hidden. It was presumably used by the Maxis team for creating the cells that try to eat you and that you eat in the cell stage.

The main feature of the hidden cell editor is that it has 5 more pages of parts. They are not exactly different parts, but they are remakes of the parts. The last page also only has 4 parts: the 3 eyes and the hidden eye part.

Extra pagesEdit

The other pages have parts that function like the normal parts, but look very different!


The second page. The proboscis here has a little tooth like knob on the front, and is also thicker.

For example, probosci on later pages have teeth and are thicker, and spikes vary in length. The eyes look the same throughout, however, on the last page there are no new mouths or accessories, just the 3 eyes with an extra hidden eye.