The SporeBase Gallery is used to share hacked and not hacked creatures, buildings, adventures, etc. The largest section thus far is Grox Parts, with Non-Hacked Creations coming up second. Some other gallery stats can be found here.
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A creature made using Grox parts, previously unavailable without the use of modifications.

Using the GalleryEdit

When you enter the Gallery, you see the categories screen. On top is a bar where you can see the recent uploads. The categories are as follows:

  • Grox Parts:
    • Creatures with Grox parts. These include the original Grox, and spin-offs.
  • BetterSpore Creations:
    • Creations made with special or custom parts from the popular Spore mod BetterSpore.
  • New Parts:
    • Made with new parts, in custom mods other than BetterSpore.
  • Hacked Creatures:
    • Creatures made with hacks of any kind, other than those above.
  • Hacked Cells:
    • Cell creations hacked in any way.
  • Hacked Vehicles:
    • Vehicles with hacked Car, Ship, Plane, Creature, etc. parts.
  • Hacked Buildings:
    • Buildings with any kind of hacked parts.
  • Hacked SpaceShips:
    • Spaceships with any parts that don't belong.
  • Non-Hacked Creations:
    • As the name implies, the only area without hacked creations. Post regular creatures, cells, ships, buildings, etc.
  • Hacked Adventures:
    • Any sort of hacked Glactic Adventures.
  • Non-Hacked Adventures:
    • All your regular adventures.